Atlanta Addiction Recovery

Addiction Recovery

Atlanta is fortunate to have a growing list of addiction treatment providers in and around the city as well as more programs in other part of Georgia. These providers often work very well together to help find the best care possible for each person in need up and down the continuum of care. There are also local treatment representatives for facilities located outside of the state.

Additionally, there is a highly-skilled list of therapists and counseling practices as well as recovery coaches that provide services as well.

People in need of sober living are usually receiving services from a private therapist and/or attending an outpatient program. Many have recently completed detox and residential treatment and are continuing on their recovery path and desire for long-term, sustainable sobriety. Another component of this continuum of care often includes attending support group meetings, both during and after treatment as a form of relapse prevention.

As people in recovery residences complete their various stages of treatment and aftercare programs, they continue focusing more on their ability to stay productive at work and/or school and be fully independent with desired support systems in place.

If you need assistance locating any of these services, from groups to therapists, detox and residential treatment or outpatient services and sober living, feel free to contact us today.